BeaconBricks – Build your Dream House with Affordable and Durable Interlocking Bricks Technology at its Best using little or no Cement!

Our Services Include;

  • Production and sales of interlocking red-bricks for constructions of any type.
  • Construction of any type of building with the interlocking bricks for our clients.
  • We deal in real-estate (Buying/Selling & Rent/Lease) 
  • We provide expert advice and analysis for any problem at all concerning construction in general.

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Our Services Include

Production Of High-End Interlocking Bricks

We produce the most durable and affordable type of interlocking bricks, suitable for any type of construction.

On-Site Construction To Meet Client's Specific Needs

We render on-site construction services from start to finish to meet our clients specifications

Expert Analysis And Consultation

We offer expert analysis on types of buildings suitable after considering all factors in place


We collaborate with organizations that are experienced, tested, and trusted in the industry. Our partners include: Millishield, Orokinz Consultancy Services

Product Information

Technical Specification

Regular / Lego Bricks

No Mortar Interlocking Bricks

Number of Bricks per bag of cement

100 – 150 Bricks

60 – 80 Bricks

Number of Bricks per 10 tonnes tipper lorry

1000 – 1300 Bricks

600 – 700 Bricks

Weight of each Brick

7.5 – 8kg


Unit price per Brick

N150 – N200

N250 – 350

Number of men/workers per 5 hours of work

2 – 3 workers

2 – 3 workers

Number of Bricks per day

500 – 1000 Bricks

300 – 700 Bricks

Brick size


12X6X4 inches


9X9X5 inches